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Audio and Video Messages including sermons and current activities are available on our Facebook Page.  Our Facebook Page  Our Facebook Page
Wanted: Readers for Sunday morning, Both services, Please!...
Many Sundays it is obvious that no one has volunteered to read the lessons. Sign up on the bulletin board opposite the office.
Ruth Circle and Rebekah Circle Since our convention is this month we will not meet until September 5, 2019!
Hope you can be with us then. We will be sharing convention highlights and Lynn Schillings will be presenting our devotion.
HandbellsThis summer has just flown by! Please mark your calendars, Hand bell rehearsal will start Monday, September 9th! Please make sure to bring your calendars to help plan our schedule through Christmas. If you are unable to attend, please let Jamie know, thanks!
Also, if anyone is interested in joining the hand bell choir, you do not need to know how to ring! We will teach you everything you need to know! It is best to know how to read music and have a good sense of humor! Our rehearsals are every Monday from 7:15 to 8:15ish.
Sunflower Box: The tradition continues! On Sunday, August 11 and Sunday, August 25, our sunflower box will be at the altar to await your gifts of fresh fruit and vegetables for Sojourner’s.  Share the bounty from your garden or purchase items from your favorite market or grocery store to fill our box.  Since this is fresh produce, please note that we are only collecting items on two Sundays.  If you cannot participate on those dates but would like to help out, monetary donations designated for the sunflower box prior to August 11 are always welcome!
Friendly Lutherans For the month of August we are asking the members to bring Tacos or Mexican Dishes
See you the third Wednesday in August, August 21, for our gathering. Also don’t forget we can always use appetizers. We love to munch on appetizers and drink our adult beverage while we visit with each other. See you Aug 21.

Gardening Help Needed:  Many thanks to Sherry Suppa and Paul Zirkle for the hours and hours they have spent tending the columbarium garden.  It is a beautiful, peaceful spot thanks to their diligent upkeep. They are now asking for some help in keeping it beautiful.  We are looking for volunteers to sign up for a week a month to make sure the plants are sufficiently watered and weeds pulled. Sherry and Paul have already volunteered to keep one week a month and Pastor Randy has graciously offered to water every morning, but on these hot days a quick look during the day occasionally would be a good idea too.  Please call the office to offer your gardening skills! 
Archivist Wanted!  Trinity is a church with a long tradition of meaningful worship and service to others.  Added to that is also the legacy of St. Paul with and even longer history and just as meaningful worship and service to others.  Your Council is looking for someone to take on the role of Trinity archivist.  What a wonderful way to serve your church and ensure that its history is preserved for the future! This is the perfect job for someone who wants to serve our church at his/her coenience, with or without a partner in the task.  Just what does an archivist do?  "The archivist has an obligation to ensure the preservation of valuable records, both past and present.  In appraising records for retention or disposal, the archivist acts as the agent of future generations and must be as diligent in disposing of records that have no significant or lasting value as in retaining those that do".  If this sounds like the answer to your question of how best to serve Trinity, please contact Council president, Robin Snyder, 304-993-4734. 
Council Minutes: Interested in what has happened at monthly church council meetings?  There are now three places to look.  Once the minutes have been approved and corrected, if necessary, they will be posted on this website (Click on the shortcut at the bottom of this page or look under Resources on the Home Page, then choose Newsletters from the dropdown), attached to the bulletin board outside the office or placed in a notebook labeled Council Minutes on a shelf in the lounge.  Feel free to take a look.
The 2018 Annual Report can be found on the same page as the council minutes. 
Sunday Sermons are being recorded and may be viewed on Trinity's Facebook page. Our Facebook Page.
KPCC:  In response to growing concern, the Kanawha Pastoral Counciling Center started a pilot support group for the family members of loved ones struggling with addiction. Over the last 9 Months, the group has seen more than 60 participants.  KPCC meets at Trinity on Wednesdays beginning at 5:15 pm.  There is no cost.