Sundays @ 8:45am and 11:00am
Wednesday @ 6:15pm
PHONE: 304-342-5212
1600 Kanawha Blvd East
Charleston WV 25311

Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church was organized on October 16, 1924. Thirty Three members made up the fledgling congregation which worshiped in the local YWCA for four years. We were able to move into our first sanctuary (on Lee and Elizabeth Streets) in 1928.

Trinity has long played an active role in its community - working with other local churches - Lutheran, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Methodist - in joint ministries and activities on the "East End" of Charleston.

Trinity has also enjoyed working with other Lutherans in the state. Over the years, three of Trinity's seven pastors have served as presidents of the synod. And members of Trinity have often served on synod councils and committees. Trinity played a large role in founding Camp Luther in 1945. And every year, Trinity not only sends a lot of campers to camp; it also provides a large part of the camp staff.

Building at Lee and Elizabeth St.

Trinity enjoys serving God through music. We have had a handbell choir since 1976. In 1993 we installed a 27 rank Holtkamp pipe organ. We have two adult choirs.

Pastors serving at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church:

The Rev. Herbert Finch,
September 1, 1925 to October 31, 1928

The Rev. A.B. Leamer, DD.,
February 1, 1929 to January 31, 1934

The Rev. William P. Cline, D.D.,
February 1, 1934 to February 8, 1942

The Rev. George W. Schillinger, D.D., July 12, 1942 to January 31, 1953

The Rev. Robert L. Meister,
August 1, 1954 to December 31, 1966

The Rev. John F. Torrence,
August 1, 1967 to December 31, 1993

The Rev. Reinold (Ron) Schlak, November 13, 1994 to Feb 28, 2012