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Why a Columbarium at Trinity?
There is a large measure of comfort to be drawn from the ancient and traditional practice of burial in a churchyard. A Columbarium serves this practice in the modern church. It is a respectful, simple way to show honor to our deceased loved ones. Since the church is often the first public place we visit after our birth, it is fitting that the church serves us full circle by being our final resting place.

Where is the Memorial Garden and Columbarium located?
The garden, planned with spaces for up to 210 niches, is located on the east side of the church. There are single and double niches available. A frontal plate may be lettered with a family name, two Christian names and two birth and death dates. The niches are located in the Columbarium itself on the outside wall of the garden. In addition to inurnment, ashes may be scattered in designated garden spaces. There is room for funeral congregations to gather in the garden to take part in the interment or scattering service.

Inurnment Provisions
Each niche can accommodate the remains of one person. There will be no restrictions on urns except that they fit within the spaces. Inurnment will not be open to the community in general, but be restricted to members of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church and their immediate families. (Special circumstances will be considered.) Families may purchase adjoining niches as long as they are available. Only human remains may be inurned.

Cost of Inurnment
The cost for inurnment is $1,750 per person, and a fee of $150 per person has been established for scattering of ashes within the garden. The Columbarium committee/trustees reserve the right to increase costs in the future. A contract for a particular chosen space will be issued at the time of initial deposit.

Memorial Donations
Floral offerings and tributes will not be allowed in the garden and Columbarium. There are opportunities for memorials within the garden to honor loved ones, both at future inurnment, as well as honoring previously deceased who may be interred elsewhere. A list of available memorials is forthcoming, but may include:
  • Stained glass window
  • Trees and shrubs
  • Annual and perennial plants
  • Benches
  • Lighting
  • Memorial plaque to list names of those scattered
Undesignated donations for any part of construction will be accepted at any time.

Other Garden Uses
In addition to its obvious use, the garden will be a quiet place for prayer, meditation and contemplation and may also be used as an outdoor classroom. The garden space meets ADA requirements.